Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Alfred A. Knopf

Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers is an imprint of Random House Children's Books.  Knopf has been in the business of making books since 1915. They publish books for kids of every age from board books through YA. They prefer agented submissions, but will accept unsolicited submissions with the caveat that response time may be up to 12 months. Check out their blog here.

Getting to know Alfred A. Knopf

SVP & Publisher – Mallory Loehr

VP & Publisher – Jennifer Brown
Joins Random House

Associate Publishing Director – Melanie Nolan

Senior Executive Editor – Nancy Siscoe

Senior Executive Editor – Erin Clarke

Executive Editor – Michelle Frey
On working with Norton Juster

Editor – Katherine Harrison

Editor – Julia Maguire
Interview, part one
Interview, part two

Associate Editor – Kelly Delaney
Interview, part one
Interview, part two
Interview, part three

Assistant Editor – Stephen Brown

Assistant Editor – Samantha Gentry

Assistant Editor – Karen Greenberg

Executive Art Director – Isabel Warren-Lynch

Book we had on hand (*indicates books we read):

Naptastrophe! (2017); written and illustrated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

How to Raise a Mom (2017); written by Jean Reagan; illustrated by Lee Wildish

If Your Monster Won't Go to Bed (2017); written by Denise Vega; illustrated by Zachariah Ohora

We Came to America (2017); written and illustrated by Faith Ringghold

*This is My Book (2016); written and illustrated by Mark Pett

*I Won What? (2016); written by Audrey Vernick; illustrated by Robert Neubecker

Panda Pants (2016); written by Jacqueline Davies; illustrated by Sydney Hanson

Wally Does Not Want a Haircut (2016); written and illustrated by Amanda Driscoll

The Opposite Zoo (2016); written and illustrated by Il SungNa

*The Tree in the Courtyard: Looking Through Anne Frank's Window (2016); written by Jeff Gottesfeld; illustrated by Peter McCarty

*Eat, Sleep, Poop (2016); written by Alexandra Penfold; illustrated by Jane Massey

*Monkey Not Ready for Baby (2016); written and illustrated by Marc Brown

*Finding Wild (2016); written by Megan Wagner Lloyd; illustrated by Abigail Halpin

*10 Little Ninjas (2016); written by Miranda Paul; illustrated by Nate Wragg

*Bear is Not Tired (2016); written and illustrated by Ciara Gavin

Beard in a Box (2016); written and illustrated by Bill Cotter

Superhero Instruction Manual (2016); written by Kristy Dempsey; illustrated by Mark Fearing

My Favorite Pets: By Gus W. for Ms. Smolinski's Class (2016); written by Jeanne Birdsall; illustrated by Harry Bliss

Duncan the Story Dragon (2015); written and illustrated by Amanda Driscoll

Fly! (2015); written  and illustrated by Karl Newsom Edwards

Feet Go to Sleep (2015); written by Barbara Bottner; illustrated by Maggie Smith

Ninja Bunny (2015); written and illustrated by Jennifer Gray Olson

*There's No Such Thing as Little (2015); written and illustrated by LeUyen Pham

Uh-Oh! (2015); written by Shutta Crum; illustrated by Patrice Barton

*It's Tough to lose Your Balloon (2015); written and illustrated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Sewing Stories: Harriet Powers' Journey from Slave to Artist (2015); written by Barbara Herkert; illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

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