Sunday, December 13, 2015

Albert Whitman & Company

Independently owned since 1919, Albert Whitman & Company publishes 40 hardcover titles for children and teens each year. The "Heart and Culture" page on their website lists the company's mission and values, then lists several (really good!) reasons to collaborate with them.

They have a blog with posts penned by authors, illustrators, and editors alike. Staff bios can be found here. Manuscript wish lists for the editors can be found here.

They accept unsolicited manuscripts via email. See their submission guidelines for more information.

Getting to know Albert Whitman & Company (Source)

Editorial Director - Kelly Barrales-Saylor (Ms. Barrales-Saylor is back as Sourcebooks as of 2016)
Interview from when she was senior project editor at Sourcebooks, Inc.
Interview with one of her authors on landing a publishing deal with Ms. Barrales-Saylor

Senior Editor - Wendy McClure
Q&A on writing her own novels and editing
Editor interview
Interview about her book, The Wilder Life
Red Sofa Chats interview

Editor - Kristin Zelazko

Assistant Editor - Andrea Hall

Editorial Assistant - Alexandra Messina-Schultheis

Nick Tiemersma, Art Director

Books we had on hand (*indicates books we read):

*Gordon Parks: How the Photographer Captured Black and White America (2015); Written by Carole Boston Weatherford­; Illustrated by Jamey Christoph
Author interview

*How to Spy on a Shark (2015); Written by Lori Haskins Houran; Illustrated by Francisca Marquez; 137 words

*Janine (2015); Written and illustrated by Maryann Cocca-­Leffler; Edited by Kelly Barrales-Saylor; 300 words

Meditation is an Open Sky: Mindfulness for Kids (2015); Written by Whitney Stewart­; Illustrated by Sally Rippin

Show Me Happy (2015); Written by Kathryn Madeline Allen; Photography by Eric Futran

Sun Above and Blooms Below: A Springtime of Opposites (2015); Written by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky; Illustrated by Susan Swan

*Trick Arrr Treat: A Pirate Halloween (2015); Written by Leslie Kimmelman; Illustrated by Jorge Monlongo

Día de los Muertos (2015); Written by Roseanne Greenfield Thong; Illustrated by Carles Ballesteros; Edited by Wendy McClure

PB&J Hooray!: Your Sandwich's Amazing Journey from Farm to Table (2014); Written by Janet Nolan; Illustrated by Julia Patton; Edited by Wendy McClure

The Ghosts Go Haunting (2014); Written by Helen Ketteman; Illustrated by Adam Record

*Jacob's New Dress (2014); Written by Sarah and Ian Hoffman; Illustrated by Chris Case

*The Short Giraffe (2014); Written by Neil Flory; Illustrated by Mark Cleary

*Snow Dog, Sand Dog (2014); Written by Linda Joy Singleton; Illustrated by Jess Golden

Stone Soup with Matzoh Balls: A Passover Tale in Chelm (2014); Written by Linda Glaser; Illustrated by Maryam Tabatabaei

*Sugar Hill: Harlem's Historic Neighborhood (2014); Written by Carole Boston Weatherford­; Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie; 238 words

A Trip into Space: An Adventure to the International Space Station (2014); Written by Lori Haskins Houran; Illustrated by Francisca Marquez; 87 words
With Books and Bricks: How Booker T. Washington Built a School (2014); Written by Suzanne Slade; Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell; 1016 words

City Street Beat (2014); Written by Nancy Viau; Illustrated by Barbara Bakos; Edited by Kelly Barrales-Saylor

Picture a Tree (2013); Written and illustrated by Barbara Reid­

*Theo's Mood (2013); Written and illustrated by Maryann Cocca-­Leffler

*What's Bugging Nurse Penny?: A Story About Lice (2013); Written by Catherine Stier; Illustrated by Suzanne Beaky; 1342 words

All Kinds of Friends (2013); Written by Norma Simon; Illustrated by Cherie Zamazing

*Baby Parade (2013); Written by Rebecca O'Connell; Illustrated by Susie Poole

*Dig those Dinosaurs (2013); Written by Lori Haskins Houran; Illustrated by Francisca Marquez

*The Eighth Menorah (2013); Written by Lauren L Wohl; Illustrated by Laura Hughes; 1258 words

Erik the Red Sees Green: A Story about Color Blindness (2013); Written by Julie Anderson; Illustrated by David Lopez; 1390 words

*Mary Walker Wears the Pants: The True Story of the Doctor, Reformer, and Civil War Hero (2013); Written by Cheryl Harness; Illustrated by Carlo Molinari; 1290 words

At our next meeting on February 13, we will focus on books published by Peachtree Publishers. (The January meeting was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances involving my attic, electricity, and fire...but all is well now!)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Boyds Mills Press

Boyds Mills Press, the trade book division of Highlights for Children, publishes a wide range of high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles for young readers. Established in 1990, Boyds Mills Press’s picture books, chapter books, novels, and nonfiction focus on excellent storytelling, imaginative illustration, and strong characters. [Their] exceptionally crafted titles are designed to entertain, inform, and engage children of all ages. (source)

Boyds Mills Press accepts unsolicited submissions. Click here for guidelines.

Huge thanks to Boyds Mills Press for providing us with the names of the editors who worked on the books published after 2012!

Getting to Know Boyds Mills Press (source)

VP, Book Publishing – Mary-Alice Moore

Editorial Director, Book Publishing – Elizabeth Van Doren
Joins Highlights

Senior Editor, Book Publishing – Mary Colgan*
Joins Highlights (3rd paragraph)
*She was the acquiring editor of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

Senior Editor – Rebecca Davis

Assistant Editor – Cherie Matthews

Assistant Editor – Sarah Zhang
Joins Highlights (3rd paragraph)

Senior Art Director, Book Publishing – Robbin Gourley
Illustrator site
Brief Q&A

Art Director – Tim Gillner

Art Director – Barbara Grzeslo

Book We Had on Hand (* indicates books we read):

*Bedtime at Bessie and Lil's (2015); Written by Julie Sternberg; Illustrated by Adam Gudeon; Edited by Liz Van Doren

*You Nest Here With Me (2015); Written by Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y. Stemple; Illustrated by Melissa Sweet; Edited by Liz Van Doren

*No, No, Kitten! (2015); Written by Shelley Moore Thomas; Illustrated by Lori Nichols; Edited by Liz Van Doren

Glamorous Garbage (2015); Written and Illustrated by Barbara Johansen Newman; Edited by Marsha Leonard (no longer at BMP)

Big Tractor (2015); Written and Illustrated by Nathan Clement; Edited by Larry Rosler (no longer at BMP)

Leaflets Three, Let it Be!: The Story of Poison Ivy (2014); Written by Anita Sanchez; Illustrated by Robin Brickman; Edited by Rebecca Davis

The Great Big Green (2014); Written by Peggy Elizabeth Gifford; Illustrated by Lisa Desimini; Edited by Rebecca Davis

*The Problem With Not Being Scared of Monsters (2014); Written by Dan Richards (debut picture book); Illustrated by Robert Neubecker; Edited by Rebecca Davis

By Day, by Night (2014); Written by Amy Gibson; Illustrated by Meilo So; Edited by Rebecca Davis

This Orq (he cave boy) (2014); Written by David Elliott; Illustrated by Lori Nichols; Edited by Rebecca Davis

*Dear Santasaurus (2013); Written by Stacy McAnulty (debut picture book); Illustrated by Jef Kaminsky; Edited by Rebecca Davis

Doggone Feet! (2013); Written and Illustrated by Leslie Helakoski; Edited by Liz Van Doren

Speed (2013); Written and Illustrated by Nathan Clement; Edited by Larry Rosler (no longer at BMP)

*Fox Forgets (2013); Written and Illustrated by Suzanne Bloom; Edited by Larry Rosler (no longer at BMP)

*Uh-oh, Dodo! (2013); Written and Illustrated by Jennifer Gordon Sattler; Edited by Liz Van Doren

Here Comes Doctor Hippo (2012); Written by Jonathan London; Illustrated by Giles Eduar

*Oh! What a Surprise! (2012); Written and Illustrated by Suzanne Bloom

*Madeleine's Light: A Story of Camille Claudel (2012); Written by Natalie Ziarnik (debut author); Illustrated by Robert Dunn
The Stourbridge Lion: America's First Locomotive (2012); Written by Karl Zimmermann; Illustrated by Steven Walker

*The Wind That Wanted to Rest (2012); Written by Sheldon Oberman; Illustrated by Neil Waldman
Dancing on Grapes (2011); Written by Graziella Pacini Buonanno (debut picture book); Illustrated by Gina Capaldi

*Feeding Friendsies (2011) By Suzanne Bloom

Grandpa's Tractor (2011); Written and Illustrated by Michael Garland

*Heebie-Jeebie Jamboree (2011); Written and Illustrated by Mary Ann Fraser

Hey Diddle Diddle (2011); Written by Eve Bunting; Illustrated by Mary Ann Fraser

*Will it Be a Baby Brother? (2010); Written by Eve Bunting; Illustrated by Beth Spiegel (one of our book club members!); Edited by Larry Rosler (no longer at BMP)

A Beach Tail (2010); Written by Karen Lynn Williams; Illustrated by Floyd Cooper

Big Night for Salamanders (2010); Written by Sarah Marwil Lamstein; Illustrated by Carol Benioff

Tucker Took It! (2010); Written and Illustrated by Bruce Van Patter  

When Jack Goes Out (2010); Written and Illustrated by Pat Schories

Windows With Birds (2010); Written and Illustrated by Karen Ritz

At our next meeting on December 12, we will focus on books published by Albert Whitman & Company.