Every month, a group of picture book authors and illustrators meets on a Saturday to read and discuss picture books. We focus on a different publishing house or imprint at every meeting and we stick with books released during the last five years. The meetings (aside from being a lot of fun) are our attempt to keep up on children's book publishing and to get a feel for the differences between the various publishing houses. It takes a fair bit of research to prepare each month, so I'm posting the information I gather on this blog. It's an easy way for me to keep track of what we've read and it allows people who miss meetings to review what was covered. Plus, it saves other people from having to do the same research on their own. If you see errors or have any information to add, please let me know.

Colleen Paeff

P.S. This meeting would not be possible without the help of the librarians of the Silver Lake Branch library in Los Angeles. They are amazing and patient and I am so very grateful for their expertise!

Read about how we got started on SCBWI-So Cal's Kite Tales blog.

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